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Indo-Rock groepen van Groningen tot Maastricht uit de periode 1958-1969. Sommige bands waren alleen in Duitsland actief.




***************** A ******************

Los Aguilas (Zaandam)

The Alcapona's (Gouda)

The All Rhythms (Rotterdam)

The Alsatians (Roosendaal)

The Ambs (Maastricht)

Arthur & his Cronies (Apeldoorn)

The Arrow Five (Groningen)

The Avalons (Apeldoorn)


****************** B ******************

The Baby Rockers (Zaandam)

The Baginda Brothers (Den Bosch)

Les Barbouzes (Apeldoorn)

The Baron Brothers (Ouderkerk a/d Amstel)

The Beachcombers (Den Helder)

The Beat Boys (Ede)

The Beat Brothers (Den Haag)

The Beavers (Arnhem)

The Beavers (John Marjon) (Den Haag)

The Bintangs (Beverwijk)

The Black Aces (Arnhem)

The Black Alligators (Damwoude, Friesland)

The Black Arrows (Amsterdam)

The Black Cats (Utrecht)

The Black Devils (Rotterdam)

The Black Diamonds (Geleen/Delfzijl)

The Black Dynamites (Den Haag)

The Black Eye (Garry Brandy) (Den Haag)

The Black Eyes (Drachten)

The Black Hunters (Amsterdam)
The Black Jean Rollers (Amsterdam)

The Black Magic (Nijmegen)

The Black Magic Stars (Den Haag)

The Black Moodies (Apeldoorn)

The (Black) Orchid (Zaandam)

The Black Pearls (Dongen)

The Black Rocking Cats (Utrecht)

The Black Rocking Kids (Grevenbicht)

The Black Shadows (Hoogkerk/Groningen)

The Black Strangers (Amsterdam)

The Black Tornados (Tilburg)

The Blackjacks (Goes)

Ricky Blake & The Royals (Den Haag)

Blitz (Almelo)

The Blue Aces (Roermond)

The Blue Diamonds (Driebergen)

The Blue Eagles (Rotterdam)

The Blue Jeans (Breda)

The Blue Minstrels (Harderwijk)

The Blue Shadows (Den Bosch)

The Bougainvilles (Oudenbosch)

Boy & his Rollin' Kids (Zaandam)

The Boys (Moordrecht)

The Bright Stars (Zaandam

The Brinkman Brothers (The Black Rockets) (Gemert)

The Brown Melody Stars (Hilversum)

The Burning Melody Strings (Laren)


****************** C ******************

The Canaries (Den Haag)

The Candy Kids (The Berghahn Brothers) (Amsterdam)

The Cannonballs (Den Haag)

The Cheesetown Jewels (Gouda)

The Cheetahs (Deventer)

The Cherokees (Rotterdam/Den Haag) 

Les Chimes (Den Haag)

The Clover 5 (Roosendaal)

The Comancheros

The Concords (Sluiskil)

Conrad & The Hurricane Strings (Californië)

The Cookes (Farida)(Breda)

The Country Cats (Bennekom-Ede)

The Country Kids (Tilburg)

The Cracker Jacks (Apeldoorn)

The Craze (Ronald & his Shadows) (Gemert)

The Crazy Cats (Ede)

The Crazy Devils (Deventer)

The Crazy Five (Den Haag)

The Crazy Rhythms (Leeuwarden)

The Crazy Rockers (Den Haag)

The Crazy Strangers (Rotterdam/Den Haag)

The Crescents (Danny Angel) (Amsterdam)


****************** D ******************

Dave Daimy & The Steps (Shakin' Rollers) (Apeldoorn)

The Dare Devils (Den Haag)

The Darks (Utrecht)

The Darts (Amsterdam)

Jack Dens & The Swallows (Roosendaal)

The Desmounts (Den Haag)

The Destroyers (Blaricum)

The Diamond Strings (Leerdam/Culemborg)

Dicky & The Jokers (Groningen)

Dion & The Mutiaras (Zevenaar)

Dragonfly (Group '69 Sect)(Vlissingen)

The Driftin' Steelers (Den Haag)

The Dutch Shadows (Gemert)

The Dynamic Strings (Den Haag/Leidschendam)

The Dynamics (Den Haag)

The Dynamites (Eindhoven)


****************** E ******************

The Eastern Aces (Den Haag)

The Ebony's (Amsterdam)

Eddy & The Crazy Jets (Show) (Den Haag)

Electric Johnny & his Skyrockets (Rotterdam)

The Emeralds (Barneveld)

Emiel and his Starfighters (Den Helder)

The Entertainers (Heerlen)

The Evergreens (Rotterdam)


****************** F ******************

The Fender Rollers (Den Haag)

The Fender Strings (Breda)

The Ferdinands (Blokker)

The Fire-Balls (Apeldoorn)

The Firebirds (Enschede)

The Fire-Devils (The Firebirds) (Den Haag)

The Fire Flies [The Phono Cats] (Amsterdam)

The Fire Rockers (Apeldoorn)

The First Six (Utrecht)

The Five J's (The 5 J's) (Den Bosch)

The Flames (The Firestrings) (Roosendaal)

The Flintstones (Den Haag)

The Flying Arrows (Wierden)

The Flying Garuda's (Utrecht)

The Flying Rockers (Little Remy)(Den Bosch)

The Footplatters (Heerlen)

The Four Roses (Rotterdam)

Franky & The Magnificent 5 (Den Bosch/Tilburg)

Franky Franken (Rotterdam)


****************** G ******************

The Gamblers (Tilburg)

The Garuda's (Dordrecht/Roosendaal)

The GMC's (Prinsenbeek)

The Goblins (Oudenbosch)

The Gogetters (Stadskanaal)

The Golden Shadows (Almelo)

Terry Gordon & The Virtuals (Tiel)

The Goossens Brothers (Apeldoorn)

Les Gringo's (Limburg)

The Groovy's (Den Haag)


****************** H ******************

The Halcons (Bergen op Zoom)

The Hap-Cats (Den Bosch)

The Hartung Sounds (Coevorden)

The Hasey Brothers (Midden-Limburg)

The Heartbreakers (Utrecht)

The Hell Cats (Dordrecht)

The Hellas Rangers (Tiel)

The Hide-Aways (Utrecht)

The High-Five (Limburg)

The Hit Fighters (Rotterdam)

The Hitshakers (Venlo)

The Hondos (The Hondo Rockers) (Amsterdam)

The Honky Tonks (Den Haag)

The Hot Fighters (Ray Aldo)(Amersfoort)

The Hot Jumpers (Den Haag)

The Hot Rollers (Tiel)

The Hot Strings (Limburg)

The Hot Toppers (Roermond)

The Hunting Wolves (Den Haag)

The Hurricane Jumpers (Amsterdam)

The Hurricane Rollers (Den Haag)


****************** I ******************

Los Indonesios (Den Haag)

The Insiders (Vught)

The Instigators (Roosendaal)


******************J ******************

The Jackals (Hengelo)

The Jaguars (Winny & The Jaguars) (Den Haag)

The Jards (Prinsenbeek)

The Jargoons (Ede/Wageningen)

The Javalins (Rotterdam/Den Haag)

The Javelins (Vlissingen)

Jessy and his Flaming Stars (Rotterdam)

The Jivaro's (Deventer)

The Jive Rockets (Roosendaal)

Johnny & The Blue Jeans (Middelburg)

Johnny & The Rockets (Limburg)

The Jokers (Den Haag)

The Jolly Rocking Boys (Breda/Prinsenbeek)

The Joseph Brothers (Oost Friesland DE)

Joyce Tielman & The Jugglers

The Jumping Jacks

The Jumping Tornados (Den Bosch)


****************** K ****************** 

Kasna & The Archipel Rockers (Apeldoorn)

The Kellians (The Green Company) (Amsterdam)

The King Beats (Den Haag)

The Krebs (Rijssen)





****************** L ******************

The Last Boys (Barneveld)

The Lightnings (Leerdam/Culemborg)

Little Ritz & The Rocking Butterflies (Groningen)

The Lions (Damwoude, Friesland)

The Lions (Den Haag)

The Little Stranger Boys (Deventer)

The Lonely Boys (Eindhoven)

The Lops (Leerdam)

The Losers (Roosendaal)

The Lucky Stars (Den Haag)

Lydia & The Melody Strings (Apeldoorn)


****************** M ******************

The Magic Four (Leeuwarden)

The Magneto's (Rotterdam)

The Magnificents (Den Haag/Rotterdam)

The Marlins (Bergen op Zoom/Rotterdam)

The Meteors (1950s) (Den Haag)

The Midnight Specials (Bergen op Zoom)

Shorty Miller & The Raylettes (Raylads) (Rotterdam)

The Moondrifters (Den Haag)

The Motowns (Mariska Veres) (Den Haag)

The Mystery Five (Leeuwarden)

The Mystery Rockers (Tilburg)


****************** N ******************

The New Beat (Groningen)

The New Blue Pearls (Leeuwarden)

The Nightbreakers (Zoetermeer/Den Haag)


****************** O ******************

Oety & his Real Rockers (Rotterdam)

The Ordians (Dokkum)

The (Black) Orchids (Amsterdam)

The Oriëntals (Den Bosch/Dordrecht)

The Outskirts (Zaandam)


****************** P ******************

The Pacific Strangers (Dongen/Tilburg)

The Pacifics (Den Haag)

Sam Patty

The Pieters Brothers (Alkmaar)

The Poetiray Brothers (Oosterhout)

The Poncho's (Rotterdam)

The Prisoners (Sint-Niklaas, België)

The Professionals (Amsterdam)


****************** Q ******************

The Quickly Jumpers (Roosendaal)


****************** R ******************

The Rainbow Diamonds (Rotterdam)

The Rainbow Rockets (Renswoude)

The Raylettes (Den Haag)

The Real Cellar Boys (Amsterdam)

The Real Rhythm Rockers (Rotterdam)

The Real Rhythm Teens (Den Haag)

The Real Room Rockers (Den Haag)

The Real Rollers (Zaandam)

The Rebel Rockers (Den Haag)

Oscar Remeeus (Eindhoven)

The Residents (Den Haag)

The Revengers (Dordrecht)

The Revolts (Den Haag)

Rex Rockets 5 (Rotterdam)

The Rhythm-Brothers (Alblasserwaard/Tilburg)

The Rhythm Five (Tiel)

The Rhythm Gamblers (Den Haag)

The Rhythm Kids (Eindhoven)

The Rhythm Kings (Dordrecht)

The Rhythm Kings (Utrecht)

The Rhythm Stars (Den Haag)

The Rhythm Strings (Ricky &) (Den Haag)

The Rhythm Tigers (Den Bosch)

The Rhythmical Strangers (Voorburg)

The Ribbons (Dordrecht)

Clark Richard & his Tropical Stars

The Rocket Strings (Gemert)

The Rockin' Blacks (Geleen)

The Rocking Boys [Miss Ann] (Wouw)

The Rocking Devils (Groningen)

The Rocking Diamonds (Fred Franken) (Rotterdam)

The Rocking Hurricanes (Groningen)

The Rocking Sensation Boys (Den Haag)

The Rocking Shadows (Heerlen)

The Rocking Strings (Amsterdam)

The Rockin' Teens (Breda)

The Rocking Yings (Amsterdam)

The Rollers (Zaandam)

The Rolling Beats (Maastricht)

The Rollin' Stars (Dordrecht)

The Rolling Stars (Amsterdam)

The Rolling Thunders (Balk-Wyldemerk-Gaasterland)

Ronald & his Shadows (Dutch Shadows)(Gemert)

Ronny & his Rockin' Kids (Vlissingen)

Roy & The Kiliaan Brothers (Gemert)

The Royal Diamonds (Schoonhoven)

The Royal Rockers (Amsterdam)

The Royal Rockers (Veenendaal)

The Royal Six (Den Haag)

The Royal Strings (Rotterdam)

The Royal Teens (Den Haag/Rotterdam)

Rudy (van Dalm) & The Royal Rhythmics (Nijmegen)

The Rubins (Rotterdam/Dordrecht/Den Haag)

John Russell & The Junior Rockers /The Clan (Zeist)


****************** S ******************

The Sapphires (Dordrecht)

The Savages (Boxtel/Tilburg)

The Savages (Oosterhout)

The Scarlets (Den Haag)

The Scouts (Beverwijk)

The Sea Cats (Zaandam)

The Seahawks (Groningen)

The Sensation Shadows (Apeldoorn)

The Servings (Aalst-Waalre)

The Sharks (Little Jimmy) (Vlissingen/Gent)

The Sheridans (Dordrecht)

The Silver Ghosts (Leeuwarden)

The Silver Kings (IJmuiden)

The Silver Strings (Heerlen)

The Six Tornados (Duitsland)

The Skints (Amsterdam)

The Skunks (Wormerveer)

The Sky Devils (Zaandam)

The (Sky) Meteors (Den Haag)

Bob Smit & het Duke City Sextet (Den Bosch)

The Sound Mixers (Arnhem)

Johnny Space & his Flying Rockets (Breda)

The Specials (Dordrecht)

The Spiders (Hengelo)

The Squadrons (Beverwijk)

The Squibs (Arnhem)

The Starlights (Den Haag)

The Strangers (Den Haag)

The Strangers Show (Veendam)

The Strolling Players (Hooghalen)

The Sundowners (Amsterdam-Oost)

The Sunset (Beverwijk)

The Swallows (Amsterdam)

The Swallows (Heemskerk/Beverwijk)

The Surie Brothers (Den Haag)


****************** T ******************

Take Five (Roosendaal)

The Tarantula's (Rotterdam)

The Thieme Brothers (Oudenbosch)

The Thunderbolt (Blokker)

The Thunderbolts (Rotterdam-Hoogvliet)

The Thunderlites (Los Angeles, Californië)

The Tielman Brothers (Breda)

Tielman Royal (Ponthon Tielman)

The Time Breakers (Franky & ) (Den Haag)

Tiq4 (Leerdam/Culemborg)

The Toilers ('t Gooi)

Tony & his Magic Rhythms (Dordrecht)

The Tramps (Zaanstreek)

The Travel Five (Den Haag)

The Travellers (Groningen)

The Travellers (Leeuwarden)

The Tropic Rollers (Den Helder)

The Tropic Thunders (Deventer)

The Tropical Brothers (Dongen)

The Tropics

The Trumps (Tiel)

The Twangies (Den Haag)

The Twentina Jacks (Enschede)

The Typhoons (Maastricht)

The Tyros (Den Haag)


****************** U ******************

Ully & his Rocking Comets (Oosterhout)

The Upmost (Zaandam


****************** V ******************

The Valiants (Den Haag)

The Vampires (Venlo)

The Venters (Groningen)

The Ventunes (Hoogezand)

The Volunteers (Den Haag)


****************** W ******************

Jimmy Ward - De Ierse Indo-Rock zanger

Jimmy Ward & The Tropicals

Warry and his Jumping Jacks

Wendy & The Gardenias (Rotterdam/Den Haag)

The White Waves (Winterswijk)

The Wings (Den Haag)

The Witterland Brothers (The Witterlands)(Hengelo)


****************** X ******************

The X5 (XFive) Utrecht)


****************** Y ******************

The Yellow Birds (The Little Boys) (Leeuwarden)

The Yellow Jackets (Leeuwarden)

The Young Savages (Rotterdam)


****************** Z ******************

Z-66 (Breda)